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Relaxation Exercises


Are you feeling stressed and just looking for a way to calm down or relax? Try one of these guided relaxation exercises. They can be downloaded by right-clicking on the file name or they can be listened to directly from this site.

To get the most from these exercises you should be in a quiet place, away from distractions. You should find a comfortable position for your body so that you can sit or lay still for a few minutes. You may also want to close your eyes or stare softly at something that doesn't move.


Black Lives Matter Meditations

Body Relaxation by Felix Casados

Body Relaxation II by Felix Casados

Breathing for relaxation by Melissa Fallon

Bubble Visualization by Laurie Rushlow

Cloud of Support Visualization by Laurie Rushlow

Finding your inner guide by Felix Casados

Mindfulness Exercise by Jennifer Rotchford

Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Mark Rice

Relaxation Visualization by Mark Rice

Safe Place Visualization by Jeanne Keahon

Visual Relaxation Video by Bill Chase

Coping with Anxiety **In Spanish** by Marta Guzman

Guided Imagery by Simone Collins

Deep Breathing by Simone Collins

Being Mindful of Emotions without Judgement by Angie Dellapenna

Emotion Exposure by Angie Dellapenna